Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind.
Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

Is Celebrate Recovery for you or someone you know?

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Are you or someone you know struggling with...
Addiction is a pattern (trained response) to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function (it's a natural response). Relying on Christ amid pain requires trust and intentionality. (This is NOT natural)…it has to become a pattern also.
Anger is one of our basic God-given emotions. This emotion can be constructive or destructive. When we lash out in anger, we are ignoring our fear, pain, or another deeper hurt, hang-up, or habit. Other times, we stuff it down and keep it silent, which can be just as damaging. All anger, if allowed to, will continue to destructively influence our behaviors and attitudes, and will eventually erupt from deep within the heart.
Codependency is when a person's need for approval or validation from another person allows them to be controlled or manipulated. They are willing to compromise their own values, choices, and behavior at the expense of their personal well-being. Answering yes to any of the questions above might be a trigger for you to ask yourself if you are codependent and relying on someone else for your happiness, satisfaction, value, or self-worth.
Eating Disorder
Eating disorders involve extreme disturbances in eating behavior. An eating disorder can be characterized by an excessive or compulsive consumption of food and/or getting rid of food, commonly known at bingeing and purging. It may also be characterized by self-induced starvation and excessive and unhealthy weight loss. We may have believed the lie that our bodies define who we are, and that changing our body image to fit an imagined standard would bring fulfillment, peace and acceptance into our chaotic lives. We may have jeopardized our relationships, health, jobs, morals, and values to ensure we meet these imagined standards.
Food Addiction
Addiction is a pattern or a trained response to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function as a natural response. Many times, food becomes a comfort to ease our pain or fear. Other times, we trade one addiction for another, and food becomes a new addiction to replace another one we have gained sobriety over. Food becomes our "drug of choice."
Love & Relationship Addiction
Sometimes, our coping mechanism becomes an unhealthy use of love and relationships as a means of achieving worth. We can perceive attraction, attachment, and sex as basic humans needs, as with food and water. These perceived needs can lead us to unhealthy behaviors, such as manipulating and controlling others or escalating our tolerance of high-risk behavior.
Physical-Sexual-Emotional Abuse
Are you looking for freedom and healing from the traumas in your past? Are you looking for support to heal from the influence these past experiences continue to have on your present life? Most survivors of physical abuse / sexual abuse / emotional abuse are hesitant to identify themselves as victims of abuse. They feel isolated, depressed, worthless or helpless to change. Ask yourself these questions. Do you feel angry, bitter and rebellious, or have trouble with authority figures? Do you struggle with "all or nothing thinking?" Do you want to have victory through Christ over the life experience of abuse?
Alcohol / Drug Addiction
Are you looking for freedom from alcohol or drug addiction? Do you or someone in your family find it hard to quit drinking or using drugs entirely? Do you have little control of the amount you consume? Are you preoccupied with drinking? Does drug use create erratic or violent behavior? Do you try and avoid family or close friends while you are drinking or using? Does it feel impossible to stop? Addiction is a pattern or a trained response to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function as a natural response. Relying on Christ amid pain requires trust and intentionality. This is NOT natural. It has to become a pattern also.
Sexual Addiction
Are you looking for freedom from sexual addiction? Do you go from one relationship to another? Do you use sex as an escape? After a sexual experience, do you feel guilty? Do you find you cannot resist a sexual overture? Have you ever tried to limit or stop acting out, but have been unable to stop? Do you spend time on the Internet viewing pornographic websites? Does porn interfere with work? Does lust, pornography or sex with yourself or others dissolve tension? Sexual addictions often start as an overpowering desire for pleasurable relief. We run from inner pain, loneliness, emptiness, or insecurity that we could not cope with in any other way. At first, it did provide the relief we sought, but the addiction soon takes on a life of its own. Would you like to be free from pornography, one night stands, adultery, and the pain and guilt that come from those choices?
Gambling Addiction
Do you have trouble controlling gambling habits? Do you gamble when you cannot afford to lose? Do your friends and family express concerns about your gambling? Do you gamble until your last dollar is gone? Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy? Do you find you cannot quit gambling entirely? Are you trapped in the illusion of "just one more time?" Or, "this time it will be different?" Would you be OK if you stopped gambling right now? Does this make you feel anxious? A compulsive gambler is a person who cannot quit gambling entirely, or has little control over the amount they bet. Gambling has caused growing and continuing problems in any area of their life. A compulsive gambler is careless about their welfare and/or the welfare of their family.