Abundant Grace Counseling Center provides help with individuals dealing with crisis, trauma, and life issues. It is a ministry and counseling service provided to the community through Abundant Grace Community Church. The center began in 1996 and has continued to help families in need. Graduate students from various universities and licensed professional counseling interns see clients during the week by appointment.

After retiring from public education in 1995, Dr. Brian Dutremaine became the clinical supervisor and staff counselor at Abundant Grace Community Church in 1996. He is a licensed, professional counselor/supervisor, licensed chemical dependency counselor, nationally certified counselor, certified rehabilitation counselor, child play therapist, licensed clinical pastoral counselor and an ordained minister. He has been in the counselor field since 1981 and has experience working with various issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, domestic violence, relational problems, marital discord, divorce, life adjustment, child abuse, as well as personal growth and guidance in addressing life’s challenges. He provides a faith-based counseling approach, combined with clinical methodologies, when requested by clients.
Brian Dutremaine
Abundant Grace Counseling Center
Clinical Supervisor/Staff Counselor

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The presenting issues addressed at Abundant Grace Counseling center are as follows:

Post traumatic stress disorder
Anger management
Crisis recovery/Healing
Faith based counseling.
Physical and sexual abuse//trauma
Life coaching
Child play therapy
Divorce recovery//Adjustment
Drug addiction//Alcoholism
Domestic violence
Grief counseling
Marriage counseling
Disability adjustment