Thank you for taking time to look into the music ministry at Abundant Grace Community Church(AGCC). From about 1983, Pastors Jim and Joyce Vinita would pace the church and pray constantly that God would send singers and musicians to the church who hunger and thirst after the righteousness of God’s own heart. The Vinitas were the first worshipers of AGCC and have known the importance and power of worship in order to have a healthy and thriving church. God has been faithful to add people through the years who have a passion for worship.  The congregation of AGCC is diverse. We are represented by many ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Because  of this, we seek to utilize a variety of musical styles in our corporate worship gatherings, from  gentle to mild rock, to southern gospel, to latin.  Our services begin with the reading from the word of God. The praise and worship portion of our services typically last about 30 minutes, an ample time to enter into and linger in the presence of the Most High God.
Our desire as worship leaders is to lead people into the presence of the Lord and approach him  fearlessly. We desire for people to worship God with abandon. We seek to see others break off traditions of men, and to worship God in complete, uninhibited freedom. We believe that there is a hand-in-hand correlation with worship and intercession. There are several weekly intercession meetings, as well as pre-service prayer meetings that are interwoven with the worship. We allow prophecy, or God’s revealed word, to work in our midst through the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the exhortation and encouragement of God’s people. Worship and prophecy work hand-in-hand. As God increases the anointing on the worship, the prophetic flows more freely. Our prayer is to declare the acceptable year of the Lord. We ask God to move through us so that He would heal the wounds of the broken-hearted and break the chains of the captive. Lord, we are desperate for you! How we need you! Give us the courage to follow you completely and without compromise. We seek to fulfill our destiny on this earth. Help us to serve others freely with joy, and may we be united so that your glory will be made manifest in this earth.
We still seek people who desire to walk in the callings the Lord has placed in them.  Leading others  in worship is a serious matter and should not be  entered into lightly. You should know, first and foremost, that God, your Father, has told you to get into the family business. We seek born-again christians who are committed members of AGCC who live a life worthy of the  gospel of Christ.  If you are serious about pursuing this calling, check out our team’s Guidebook & Questionnaire, down below. Although ability is crucial, it is not the greatest priority. When someone is sold-out to God, and has a desire to please Him, the Lord will add the ability. Comments, questions, and suggestions may be e-mailed to Joseph Kowalski (joseph.kowalski01@utrgv.edu). Occasionally, we attend conferences in order to be refreshed, challenged, encouraged, and to hear from God. These are also periods where we have more time to bond as  a team. Often, we bring back new songs, and are encouraged to write songs of our own.